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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to Co-Wash Effectively.(what is co-wash?)

Co-washing is very well recommended for all transitioners instead of washing the hair, It helps in cleansing/rinsing the hair and scalp while conditioning the hair.
Most people say co-washing is applying a cheapie conditioner and leaving it on for 10mins and then rinsing it off.
I totally disagree and I do not co-wash in that manner, When I co-wash I actually wash my hair- with conditioner of course.
This is how I do:
1- Rinse hair with cool or warm water
2- Apply conditioner on roots usually parting my hair in three from forehead down to the neck (nape)so it gets to my roots and scalp- each part with about a dime size amount of condish.
3- Apply another dime size amount or more to the rest of hair and ends(especially)
4- Massage head for a min or two- with hands
5- Use a Shampoo Brush to scrub my scalp for a min or two - helps in cleansing the Scalp for real. (when I do this I don't feel product build up the next day or 3 days)
6- Put a dime size or more of condish on palm and add equal amount of water and massage to Hair, this provides a little foaming not like a shampoo lather but good enough for a mild and effective cleansing. if you don't get foam add a palm full of water and massage to foam. this part of the process helps in cleansing the hair for real
7- Rinse hair thoroughly (don't leave a little this is the cleaning/wash part of co-washing) and then use a good or moisture based conditioner (preferably not protein- but if u need protein go ahead) for 10 or more mins and rinse ( you can leave a little as pleased)
8- Done- clean and conditioned hair and scalp.

Things you'll need:
-Conditioner with slip- not all cheapie conditioners can be used for co-washing especially this method
-Shampoo Brush

Conditioners Reviewed and effective for this process:
Tresseme- Vitamin E, Moisture
Pantene- Hair Fall control
Pantene- Total Care
More to come.

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