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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tip On Going Natural (Transitioning)

1. Find what works for you, there is no wrong or right method to transition!( Join VIRGINHAIR to find out more)
2. Do not cut your hair(BC) until you’re ready, if it takes u 2 months to be ready fine if it takes you 2 years all good
3. Your hair becomes even more fragile than your relaxed hair, So treat your hair with care, love and respect. The line of demarcation where the relaxed hair ends and the new growth starts is very delicate.
4. Co-wash your hair at least once a week to add moisture to your hair. If you are not ready to co-wash, then wash with diluted shampoo.
5. Moisture, moisture, moisture, conditioner, conditioner, conditioner, Deep condition at least once a week. (with or without heat just use a deep conditioning treatment for 15mins and over)
6. Be very careful not to damage your new natural hair. You could damage your healthy new growth by flat ironing and blow drying your hair too often.
7. Natural curly patterns varies from person to person. Sometimes the hair type looks completely different once you cut your hair and this may not be the case when it grows longer. So don't be discouraged. This is the hair God gave you so therefore it can't be wrong or bad hair, or unmanageable hair it is beautiful hair! Concentrate on your hair, not your neighbours.
8. Write a journal or blog! (you can do that here on VirginHair with full support and more) It will help you keep things in perspective. Before you reach for that relaxer or BKT try to remember why you wanted to transition in the first place.
9. Join for encouragement, support, inspiration, Tips, help, information...

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